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The Feeding of the One Hundred – By Brent A.


In an earlier post, we mentioned that the first request the Pastor made in the Mountain Orphanage was for Bibles. Thanks to Rick Pevey of Baton Rouge, making his 2nd trip with the group, we were able to provide them with 100 New Testaments written in Creol. Rick had purchased and shipped 200 of these Bibles more than six months ago, and we shipped them with our other materials to Haiti before our actual trip. To see the joy in the eyes of those people, as they each received their own copy of God’s Word, was humbling, and it challenged us to provide more copies.

After providing 100 copies to the pastor in the mountain village, our original plan was to hand out the remaining copies on our last day around the area where we were staying.  However, God had another plan. Each morning, we are able to have a group devotional with many of the employees and some locals in front of the medical clinic that is operated by Double Harvest. Pastor Roger Waggoner of Gospel Light Baptist in Baton Rouge was able to bring the devotional each day via a translator. The group of people that come to the devotionals generally are very dedicated Christians. Most attend the morning devotions faithfully, and they love to sing the hymns in the worship time with both reverence and enthusiasm. In some Baptist circles, you might call them the “Sunday Night Crowd”.

On Friday morning, we saw something that we had not witnessed before in any previous trips. We decided to pass out some of the remaining Bibles to everyone who wanted a copy at the Friday morning meeting.  We brought the remaining 100 Bibles, anticipating we would pass out about half of them. I should have known we were about to see something special when the box was set beside me on the bench at the end of the service. Many of these folks at the service were staring at the box. In my simple mind I was thinking that this was simple curiosity, or perhaps the desire for something from the “Americans”.

After the closing prayer the package was opened to reveal the treasure inside, and a moment later – we were being mobbed. As with any other good leader, I backed out to save my own skin! For those who can’t tell, that was written in sarcasm font. In reality, I wanted to see Roger hand out the Bibles. About 45 seconds later, all 100 were gone. The most amazing thing to us was that every person in “line” had received a copy. Not one single person was left there empty handed. God is good, and He had fed each one of the people who had desired His Word.  As we prepare already for our trip next year we now have a new #1 item on the needs list…

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