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Meeting with Pastor Julie – By Brent Atkinson

20332164605_13af4c82d8_zAs we sat down at the request of the Pastor and leader of this orphanage the Lord has led us to serve, Donald and I distinctly felt the Lord’s presence in our meeting. Earlier in the day, I had asked him to supply us with a list of their greatest needs and he had secured a rare piece of paper and a pencil to write these down. The list was written in Creol, but some words need no translation. He had written above all others, “Biblia”. The list of needs in this orphanage are longer than the grocery list for a family of eight, yet above all of these he saw that the Spiritual need was above first. As we worked our way through the short list of water, rice, and clothes, he was constantly thanking us and praising God for our families and God’s provision. He stopped every third sentence to say “thank you” with humility that makes tears flow.

At the end, his father who is the senior pastor and also runs 11 other churches in the mountains in villages we have never heard of, paused the conversation to say this through the translator: “I praise God that he has allowed me to see such great blessings before he calls me to heaven.” As he closed in prayer, we did not understand all of the words, but I felt the power of God on that dirt floor on the side of a forgotten mountain in a country very few will ever see.

His prayer was so powerful that the young man who was translating it instantly wept after the final AMEN was said. This young man’s home is block and dirt and he lives in a village with no indoor plumbing, yet he was so moved by their need and gratitude he could not contain his emotions.

What a powerful and merciful God we serve! In the near future, we will be asking you to sponsor the children in this orphanage for food and basic schooling. Each child is so precious and at this writing we have seen 6 young souls accept Jesus as their savior. As we left the meeting, I felt overwhelmed. Not from the need, but that God has chosen to use us, a group from three states with very many short comings, but share a heart with the willingness to serve.

The Senior Pastor later explained that when he was called to preach by God, he was led of God to wait on Him and the blessings that he has seen the last few days were the answers to that leading. Thank you Lord for our friends and family at Double Harvest for the vision and willingness to partner with us as the Lord leads us to these villages. Praise the Lord for allowing this Pastor to realize a GreaterĀ Tomorrow.


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