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Introducing 2016 Haiti Mission Trip Projects

We are only a few months away from our 2016 trip to Haiti, and we are happy to announce that we have almost finalized the list of projects for this trip.  It is going to be a very busy and exciting week.  Please begin to pray now that these projects will go smoothly!   Also, we encourage you to pray about giving towards materials.  We have provided links below to several different projects that we could use funding.   Here is what we are planning:

  1. Construction on a 48′ X 72′ education building for the Coupon village adjacent to Double Harvest.  This is quite a bit larger than buildings we have done the past few years.  This building will be divided into 4 rooms for classes.  We are hoping to have the concrete pad poured and waiting on us when we arrive.

  2. Orphanage Building Improvement – We will make some modifications to the dormitory we built last year.  We will install a wall to divide the dorm into boys/girls sides.  We will also potentially improve the solar electricity that we installed last year.

  3. Orphanage Playground Repair – Last year, we watched as kids went down the slide and played on swings for the first time!  We recently learned that the orphanage has worn the slide and swings completely out.  We will be making repairs with more sturdy equipment that should be able to handle the extreme usage.

  4. Kitchen Improvements for Orphanage –  Currently all cooking is done on a dirt floor and open campfires.  We would like to provide a couple of highly efficient cook-stoves which will allow them to cook their food with 75% less wood/sticks.  In addition, we will provide some industrial tables so they do not have to prepare the food on the ground.

  5. Water Improvements for Orphanage/Village –  Our goal is to provide two water purification systems that would allow the whole village access to clean, safe water without having to walk several miles up and down the mountain.   We also plan on providing an additional plastic water storage container to allow them to collect additional rainwater.

  6. Demolition of Technical Building – Over the next couple of years, this building will be converted to a church building for Double Harvest.

  7. Vacation Bible School – We will be holding VBS in the mountain village.

  8. Clothing/Food Distribution –  We will be providing family bags with clothing donations for various villages.

  9. Bible Distribution – We have purchased 1000 Creole New Testaments for distribution.

There are several other possible small projects in the works – so this may not be a complete list.  We are in the process of purchasing supplies to be shipped in early June.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards any of these projects – please use the form below or contact us!

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