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Homeward Bound – By Brent A.


Another week in Haiti is done. I feel like a child on Christmas night. All of the anticipation, all of the preparation and suddenly after a whirlwind of wood, metal, and soccer balls, it’s over. I just can’t come to grips with it, and it borders on depressing that it’s over. The analogy is poor, but you get meaning.

I have left Haiti five previous occasions and have had many different emotions and mind sets. The first time was shame of how spoiled and ungrateful I am. The next was anger. Anger because no one else saw the urgency of the needs that we had just spent standing in waste deep for a week.

As we travel back this year, the Lord has put something new on my heart…urgency. The need is so great. The need for facilities, the need for training the Haitians to fend for themselves, the need for the Gospel, the need for orphans and the list goes on and on. The greatest urgency of all was the need for God’s Word, but more on that later.

As we anticipate our needs for 2016, I would ask you to consider a few items:

1) Prayer for the July 31 – August 6, 2016 Trip.
2) Consideration of going yourself. We have currently 6 open slots. 5 men and 1 woman. These will go quickly.
3) Partnering with us to support new projects and opportunities.

God is good. All have returned safely home and we are digging back into our lives. As life moves forward in it’s constant business and distractions, our hearts and minds are always thinking back about A Greater Tomorrow for Haiti.

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  1. Jennifer Heady

    I too feel my mind drifting back to Haiti and felt a different set of emotions coming back this time. The first time I felt guilt and saw ungratefulness all around me. This time I came back so convicted about having faith and crying out to God in prayer. The need is so great, their faith is so real, their joy so contagious and their thankfulness so genuine. Looking forward to next year and sharing the experience with my husband for the first time!

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