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Favorite Memories from Haiti Trip – 2015

Our 2015 trip was one to remember.  Lots of work was accomplished, and we are so thankful for what God did through our group.  Here are a few of our favorite moments from the week.

1.  Bringing rice and beans to hungry kids – When we arrived, these kids were barely getting one meal each day.   We delivered enough rice and beans to feed them for a couple of months.  Going forward, we are having food delivered on a regular basis to make sure they do not go hungry.

2.  Completing new dormitory for orphan kids who likely had never slept on a mattress before. –  Imagine having the responsibility of caring for 25 kids with no place for them to sleep.  It was fun to see their excitement over having a facility to keep the kids safe at night.   In 2016, we will be adding a wall to separate the dorm into a boys/girls side.



3.  Watching kids playing on a playground for the first time –  It did not take long for these kids to figure out what the slide and swings were for.  They were so excited. We recently received word that they have almost worn the slide out.



20384983379_61d0910302_z4.  Meeting our sponsored kids – Many in our group sponsor Haitian kids through Double Harvest.  We were able to bring clothes and gifts for them.  If you do are interested in sponsoring a child in Haiti – please talk to our group and we can make it happen.  For about the price of taking your family out for fast food – you can help provide food and schooling for a whole month.  It is a way that you can personally connect with someone who needs help!

5.  Visiting t20573531845_cfb6816bf6_zhe orphanage at Roche Blanche – The past two years, this has been one of our favorite places to visit.  We were able to provide bags of toys, candy and clothes to about 35 orphans.  Although these kids are having their basic needs met, they still love the attention that they get from our group.    If we would have been allowed to adopt by picking one out and taking them home – we would have cleaned them out.


6.  Delivering a water container with 200 gallons of water to village – We learned early in the week that water was a critical need for the mountain orphanage.  In 2014, we installed a water collection system on their church roof, but due to lack of rain – their cistern was empty. On Friday, we were finally able to get up the mountain with a load of water.  It was wonderful to see each family be able to fill their buckets, while the kids took turns drinking from the same plastic dixie cup.

7.  Jeep exIMG_20150807_133331cursion – What happens when an American (who will remain nameless, but everyone knows who it was) takes a wrong turn, gets lost, stuck in a ditch with water, and the car battery dies?   This small group of Americans might have to be rescued by ten Haitians excited about the possibility of getting American dollars.  After pushing out the jeep, they got the car started by cleaning the battery connections with a stick.    Best $10 spent on the trip.  Oh, and did we mention the jeep was running on fumes by the time they arrived back at Double Harvest.



8.  Vacation Bible School – We had three days of vacation Bible school at the mountain orphanage, and 6 kids trusted in Christ.  These kids loved to sing and play!  They were also very creative with crafts.

9.   Pa20546352426_e9ce976aa8_zssing out 60 soccer balls – Most kids in Haiti would rather have a soccer ball than anything – including clothes or food.   We loved watching their reactions when we gave them away.

20562506062_a74d8b1e15_z (1)10.  Getting to know a faithful pastor – Pastor Julie had been praying for years that God would send help to his village.  He told us he was so thankful to see his prayers answered before he dies.  He also told us that other mountain villages were hearing what God had done for his village – and now they had hope.   He taught us a lot about faith, prayer and gratitude.

11.  Learning how to improvise Haiti style.   Since there is no Walmart or Lowe’s, you have to use what you have use the equipment you have.  Examples of this included:
  • Insulating a water bottle with Styrofoam and ducktape,
  • Building a dormitory on a slab that has a 14″ drop from one end to the other
  • Rigging a scale that weighs kids using a luggage scale and swing – hung from a fork in a tree.



20544631486_3263a5f998_z12.  Hiking up a mountain to work each day. –  Since some of the vehicles could not make it up the mountain – this left about half of our group walking up each day.  We even resorted going up goat trails to save time.   By Friday morning, we had kids from the village waiting at the bottom of the hill to walk up with us.  They did not even break a sweat going up the mountain.

13.  Giving away Bibles –  Perhaps the most popular thing we gave away all week.  They were gone in just a few minutes.  Looking forward to taking many more Bibles next year.

14.  Watching newbies on the trip interact with the Haitian people – It did not long for the first time travelers to fall in love with the Haitian kids.  There were a lot of tears on both sides when it was time to say goodbye till next year.

And many more…….  Looking forward to 2016!

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