Clothing/Items for Distribution

Clothing/Goods Donation Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in donating clothes for our distribution while in Haiti.  Over the past several years, we have distributed thousands of lbs of clothing and other items to needy people in Haiti  We have put together this page to assist you in determining if your clothes are suitable for donating for distribution.

Please keep the following in mind when considering whether to donate clothes.  First, Haiti is a tropical island with a very warm climate – year round.   Also, it is important to understand that Haitian culture places a high value on appearance and being well-dressed in public.

What We Can Use:

  • New clothes 
  • Gently used clothes 
  • Shoes (clean, with wear left in them)
  • Hats
  • Soccer Balls
  • Individually packaged candy

What We Cannot Use:

  • Worn out clothes
  • Clothes with holes
  • Used underwear

You may also give money and designate it specifically to help purchase these items for our next trip.

Donate Money

Clothing for Distribution

Help us buy clothing to distribute to the most needy while we are in Haiti.  Our “expert” shoppers will use your donation to bargain shop for clothing items most needed in Haiti.  These clothing items will be organized and distributed on our...
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