Instove CookStoves for Orphanage

27.50% Donated/725.00 To Go

Imagine if you had to cook for 30-40 people on a dirt floor every day…. with an open campfire.

Unfortunately, this is reality for so many places in Haiti – including this orphanage.  Last summer during our construction of a dormitory for the orphanage, our ladies had an opportunity to visit the kitchen.  This is what they found.

In 2016, we are planning on upgrading this kitchen.  We would like to provide 1-2 new Instove cookstoves to help with food preparation.

instoveInStove’s wood and biomass burning institutional rocket stoves offer dramatic improvements over traditional cooking techniques. They are safe, stable, and vent to the outdoors to protect people from the effects of indoor air pollution. Their high-efficiency design reduces fuel use by 75-90% and harmful emissions by more than 90%, dramatically reducing the time, cost, and danger associated with collecting fuel.

These stoves allow large amounts of food to be cooked with small sticks that are easily gathered in Haiti.

Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of the kids at this orphanage by providing for this need!  We invite you to partner with us by supporting this project.