Hurricane Relief

You can help Haiti!

Hurricane Matthew has devastated areas of Haiti….

Some of the impact has included:

  1. Over 1000 lost lives
  2. Ruined trees and forrests
  3. Crops and food supplies have been destroyed.
  4. Homes destroyed.
  5. Outbreak of water borne diseases like cholera.
  6. Lack of ability to get medical care.
  7. Lack of food and water.

Double Harvest is a mission that is on the front lines in caring for the hurricane victims.  One of the doctors at the Double Harvest medical clinic recently arrived in the town of Pestel. He discovered that despite their heavy damage – that this town had received no assistance from medical teams or the government.  He wrote and told Double Harvest board members that he is doing what he can, but his own efforts seem small when considering how great the needs are.

This project is to collect money to buy food for the towns that the Double Harvest staff are seeking to help.  Here is an opportunity for you to make a difference on the front line!  100% of your tax-free donation will go to purchase food and cooking supplies for the villages affected by Hurricane Matthew.

You may think that your gift will not make a difference – but in Haiti even a gift of just $25 will go a long way!  To give you a better idea, $25 is more than enough for a large family to eat for a month. You can have a part in helping these people – many of who have lost everything they had.

Please Help!


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