Bibles for 2016 Haiti Trip Distribution

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During our most recent trip to Haiti in August 2015, we were able to distribute 200 Haitian Creole New Testaments.  After seeing the hunger that these people had to get a copy of God’s word – we were impressed that Bible distribution needs to be a regular part of our trips.  We also believe that we need to be doing this on a much larger scale.

biblesWhile we were helping meet physical needs in the mountain orphanage, the pastor there (who pastors fourteen churches) told us that his biggest need was more Bibles.  We found this remarkable, especially considering that his orphanage had no food, water, or shelter when we arrived.   We are so thankful that we were able to meet that need- because one member of our group had donated two hundred New Testaments, and shipped them ahead of our arrival.

In 2016, we would like to distribute at least 1000 New Testaments during our mission trip(s).  We believe that we can purchase them for about $3 each – so we need to raise at least $3000.  We will need to have them purchased by early 2016, so we have time to have them put on a container for shipment.

We need your help!

For less than than the price of eating out for lunch – you can put a Bible in the hands of Haitian who has never had one before!    Every dollar that you give for this purpose will only be used to purchase Bibles.

Here is what happened when we opened up a box of Bibles after morning devotions at Double Harvest.